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Prof. Labzin

Professor Labzin is our teacher at the Department of Anatomy. Anatomy is a difficult subject, but Professor Labzin can present the material very exciting. He understands his students and tries every way to facilitate our learning. We all love and respect our teacher.

A short video about us

Some photos from the Academy

First, one strange photo from the morphological housing, near the sixth lecture hall ...

Now about the study. Рrofessors teach us...

We learn for yourself ...

And sometimes we get tired of studying ...

All the characters - fictional, any coincidence with reality - are accidental.

Our Medical Academy.

 Amur State Medical Academy - one of the oldest and most prestigious higher education institutions in the Russian Far East. It was founded in 1952. At first  its name was Blagoveshchensk Medical Institute. But in 1996 it received the present nameThe Academy includes several academic buildings with six lecture halls and a lot of practical classes, gymsStudents in the academy get all the necessary skills to become professional doctors. But achieving this goal takes a lot of time and energy. Some of the students can not handle the load and they leave the Academy. On this sad note we would like to finish our short story about our Academy.

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Hello!We are students of the Amur State Medical Academy. But my keyboard is brokenCause Khalid spilled something on it. Therefore, it is very difficult to type :(